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Hargrave Chiropractic is a family based and operated business with hometown values and community at its heart. Located on Westgate road in Lafayette, right next door to Scott, our facility meets the needs of every patient. Our caring staff is ready to answer your questions and lead you to a better path of health. Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, Hargrave Chiropractic emphasizes improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and eliminate the underlying cause. As a patient at Hargrave Chiropractic, we promise to provide outstanding patient-centered care in a comfortable atmosphere. For some, Hargrave Chiropractic will take them back to a place that is cozy and familiar, offering a rediscovery of health and wellness that had been previously known but long lost. For others, the journey may offer a new center, one never before experienced. We are also thrilled with our social media pages and the opportunity it affords us to communicate better with you. By joining our social online community, you will have access to all of our current news, fantastic events, and important information. Plus! The ability to share our posts with your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Appointments: We have a variety of convenient office hours, including early morning and evening hours to assist you in making it to your appointments. Financial: Fortunately many insurance companies cover chiropractic services. We will gladly help you determine the extent of that coverage. We offer everyone very affordable financial plans and will do everything we can to make the benefits of chiropractic care available to you. Forms of payment accepted are cash, check, or any major credit card. Community: We are available to come to community events or to present workshops for your office or business. Please contact us to arrange a date and time.

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  • Spinal Decompression Therapy

    Decompression therapy is a nonsurgical means of relieving pain to the lower back and neck and is often referred to as spinal decompression therapy. Decompression therapy is a spinal disc rehabilitation program that slowly and gently stretches the area of the spine while decompressing the discs. This type of treatment is very safe. Using this technique […]

  • Cupping Therapy

    Stationary cupping is when the cups are left on the skin for a length of time, can leave rings and circles due to toxins and blood moving to the surface. This process can create some discomfort or pain as it creates a vacuum suctioning up the skin. The pressure influences the intensity level, however many […]

  • Cold Laser Therapy

    Cold Laser therapy offers a non-intrusive option to acupuncture and surgery. The goal of laser therapy is to deliver light energy units from red and infrared laser radiation, called photons, to damaged cells. It is the consensus of experts is that photons absorbed by the cells through laser therapy stimulate the mitochondria to accelerate production […]

  • Myofascial Release

    Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. This essential “time element” has to do with the viscous flow and the piezoelectric phenomenon: a gentle pressure applied slowly will allow fascia to elongate.

  • Rocktape/KT

      The added benefit of using RockTape/KT is that it allows your body to continue to move as it was designed. It works well in reducing the inflammation of injured site, stabilizing an area that is moving more than it should whilst helping to improve your body’s movement awareness otherwise known as pro-prioception.

  • Adjustment

    An adjustment helps to increase the range of motion in a joint by giving the joint more space to move.  Often, decompression occurs with the adjustment.  More space is given to the joint to glide and move.  When your joints move better, the muscles that attach to the bones are able to move better, too.


    The goal of IASTM is to provide an optimal healing environment for connective tissue. The benefit of this therapy is that each instrument was designed to be used to conform to different body soft tissue contours and joint shapes.  This means superior results for your soft tissue restrictions.

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation

    How does electricity alleviate pain? It’s thought that the electrical impulses interrupt messages about pain sent from the nerves to the brain. The electricity blocks the activity of the pain receptors, which send those pain messages. If the brain doesn’t get the messages from the nerves, it doesn’t know that there’s pain, and you don’t […]

Meet the Chiropractor

Christopher S. Hargrave, DC
Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Chris is a Lafayette native and a graduate of both Acadiana High School and University of Louisiana at Lafayette. While attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Dr. Chris played ice hockey and received a Bachelors of Science in Biology. Four months later, ...

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  • I had severe and limiting back pain after a car wreck. And I tired every Thing – PT, exercises, steroid injections – these treatments helped a little but I was still in tremendous pain and physically limited. I was seriously considering back surgery, but I reluctantly went to see Dr. Chris Hargrave and it was best decision I’ve made. My back is much better thanks to Chris!

    Tom Sammons
  • Long story short, I’ve had a 7 year history with extreme back pain. Initial injury warranted surgery to be “repaired,” in which i had a double micro disectomy which was a long and slow recovery process. I felt much better after a year or so, but i had become significantly overweight, and then like a ton of bricks I was in more pain than I ever was. I had become completely bedridden and wasn’t able to leave bed for anything or even return to work. Before calling the hospital, I called Christopher at Hargrave chiropractic. It was so bad he had to practically carry me around his office from room to room. But he was confident that he was going to get me better. My progression back to normal took a little while, but i was a very severe case. The next visit i showed up with a walker. I walked out of the office carrying my walker. Within 3 weeks, I returned back to work. I’ve gone to maybe 3 maintenance visits and I haven’t needed to go back in almost 2 months. I’m now able to walk almost 11 miles a day and I haven’t felt this good since my initial injury. I have nothing but thanks and praise for the good that Chris as done for me. I’ve recommended several people to see him since then and I carry a stack of his cards in his wallet.

    Jonathan Vidrine
  • Great service, professional and friendly office staff! Works around your time for appointments!

    Jennifer Armentor Vice
  • Unfortunately for me, I hurt my lower back in the gym. I’m not joking when I say it was extreme pain just to stand, walk or sit. After two days of being curled up on the couch, I knew I needed help. Unfortunately it was Friday afternoon & every Chiropractor in town closes around noon. I was able to reach out to Chris and with no hesitation he offered to come in and help me (even after hours & on Saturday). Being a Law Enforcement Officer, I can’t afford to be 50% at work and Chris worked his magic. Two visits later, I was back at work with only a little stiffness. Can’t recommend this guy more!!!

    Brandon Malaxonis
  • Chris is amazing at what he does! I’ll be highly recommending him to all my friends who are in pain ��

    Abbey Gayle Sammons
  • Truly a great experience here. Dr Hargrave listens to what is hurting you and then delivers his treatment with care. Recommend Dr. Hargrave to anyone.

    Maxine Frith Cazares
  • Did a great job my hip never felt better! Friendly and up to date!

    Stephen Trahan
  • Like many, I’ve earned my scars with a life well lived and a fair amount of elbow grease. I don’t trust just anyone for my neck pain, but a friend told me about Chris and I gave it a shot. I was many times rewarded for that decision.

    I live a fairly active life and enjoy staying fit. I am also a student currently so am constantly feeling the effects of long hours of studying and the consequences of such. It can be difficult to go from one extreme to the other, as I quickly learned that this also lends itself to sprains, strains and restriction of motion.

    After my first appointment with Chris, I received immediate relief. The staff was professional and his adjustment was thorough, meticulous, and quick!

    Highly recommend!

    JP Bercier
  • It was a great experience! They go out of their way to make sure you are feeling well!

    Tiffany Wade
  • Chris is the best at what he does and got me feeling 100% better in no time!!!!

    Chris is the best at what he does and got me feeling 100% better in no time!!!!
  • I suffered from bulging lower disc. It was bad enough that I had to spend a night in the hospital because I couldn’t walk. In between that and waiting on insurance to approve my physical therapy I went to see Chris. He was able to help get me moving a lot faster and was even able to get me mobile enough to go on a family trip that I thought I would miss. I cannot say enough about how good of a job he does. I recommend him to anyone who needs help. His focus is to get you better as fast as possible.

    Jacob Wright
  • Love this place!! I’ve suffered with migraines my entire life and have found no relief no matter where I went or who i saw. Started going to this place and my migraines have been reduced headaches. It won’t be long before they gone! He has also helped my shoulder get better and we’re going to start therapy for my ankle soon too! Truly the best!

    Kayla C. Diz

404 Westgate Road, Suite B Lafayette Louisiana 70506

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